Differential diagnosis for dentin hypersensitivity

Date: June 2021

Author: Louise Sinclair

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In-office treatments

Patients with dentin hypersensitivity can benefit from an in-office treatment such as Colgate® PreviDent® Varnish. This 5% sodium fluoride varnish can be applied in minutes, and is clinically proven to provide relief from sensitivity.

Prior to dental treatment, your patient may appreciate Colgate® Professional Sensitivity Relief Serum. When the serum is massaged with a fingertip into the affected area, the exclusive Pro-Argin® technology blocks the dentin tubules and provides relief from sensitivity in just one minute.

Home recommendations

Colgate® Professional Sensitivity Relief Serum is intended for single patient use, so give your patient the tube to take away with them. Whenever and wherever dentin hypersensitivity strikes, they’ll be able to use it and find rapid relief.

For long-term management, recommend that your patient uses a toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth. Colgate® Sensitive Toothpaste is a maximum-strength, 5% potassium nitrate toothpaste proven to provide sensitivity relief. It works by desensitizing the nerves, building up lasting protection against sensitivity pain. PreviDent® 5000 Sensitive Toothpaste also contains 5% potassium nitrate, along with prescription-strength 1.1% sodium fluoride content for enhanced enamel fortification and acid resistance.

You can also recommend an ultra-soft toothbrush, like the Colgate® Slimsoft™ Toothbrush. The soft bristles help your patient to brush effectively without further damaging the tooth structure or aggravating their sensitivity. Alternatively, a power brush like the Colgate hum brush can be recommended and will help coach patients on brushing while they brush.

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