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Worn Out! How to Relieve and Manage Erosion

Seminar duration: 1-2 Hours

This presentation explores the reasons why the prevalence of acid erosion in developed countries is increasing and becoming a concern for oral health. Behaviors that contribute to hard tissue loss, including acid erosion, are defined. Recognizing the differences between caries and erosion is examined, as well as patient assessment, diagnosis, and management of this condition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discussion: Is “Dental Erosion” an Oral Condition or a Disease?
  • Prevalence in US society
  • Discuss the Clinical Indicators and Appearance of Erosive Tooth Wear
  • Explain the Chemistry of Erosive Tooth Wear
  • Recognize the US Cultural Influences which contribute to extrinsic sources of acid
  • Recognize the US Cultural Influences which contribute to exposure to intrinsic sources of acid
  • Assessing who is at risk for Erosive Tooth Wear
  • The DDS/RDH role in recommending Oral healthcare products with the ability to stabilize early/ moderate erosive tooth wear

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