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Course Title: Ouch, that hurts! Improving Patients Quality of Life by Treating Dentin Hypersensitivity (1 hour)


This course will discuss the factors contributing to dentin hypersensitivity, types of pain stimuli and pain impulse conduction theories while providing clinical evidence supporting over-the-counter and professionally applied desensitizing agents. Dental professionals will be provided with evidence-based strategies to provide optimal patient care for individuals affected by dentin hypersensitivity. Treatment protocols available will be discussed and options for both in-office and at-home protocols will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe factors which contribute to dentin hypersensitivity
  • Identify the types of pain stimuli which elicit hypersensitive reactions
  • Understand the ways in which desensitization agents act to decrease sensitivity
  • Evaluate treatment options to plan a program for evidenced-based, in-office treatment and home care for a patient to control or treat hypersensitivity