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Professional Networking Tips for Dental Hygienists

Dec 21, 2016

Author: Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, CRDH, BASDH

Networking is important for your growth in the dental health field. Discussing the latest topics with your peers will help you stay up to date on new technology and methods that can help you improve your patient care. Making connections also alerts you to professional opportunities that can advance your career. When it comes to career growth, it sometimes boils down to who you know. Here are some professional networking tips beyond attending conferences to help you get started.

Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn are great resources to connect with dental hygienists, dental professionals and dental product companies. Social media outlets can also help you discover valuable continuing education courses, job openings and ADHA news/component meetings. Facebook lets you search for people, companies and groups that you may want to stay connected with. LinkedIn allows you to create a professional profile that can include a resume and other information that employers can review. LinkedIn can also be used to explore information about dental product companies.

Dental Product Companies

Staying connected with your local dental distributor representative and Colgate Oral Care Consultant is a valuable networking opportunity. Knowing your local representatives and communicating regularly with them is a great way to learn about local job openings, products, and upcoming networking and continuing education opportunities.

ADHA and Local Component Meetings

Being a member of the ADHA helps you stay up to date on information about new technologies, legislative developments, networking events, and professional, volunteering and educational opportunities. Local components frequently use the ADHA database and Facebook to notify dental hygienists of upcoming meetings. Attending your local component meetings presents the opportunity to meet dental hygienists in your area, and also to receive continuing education credits. Volunteering opportunities are often discussed at local meetings and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

You may rise and hold a seat on the committee, which will definitely afford you the opportunity to advocate for the dental hygiene profession and make you stand out to your peers.

COHA Community

The COHA Community Facebook group is specially designed just for registered dental hygienists who are enrolled in the Colgate Oral Health Advisor Program. The COHA Facebook community gives dental hygienists a place to share ideas and ask questions about oral health, products, patient care and practice management. COHA members have access to evidence-based research, continuing education courses, patient education information and product information. The COHA community is a great networking opportunity to meet dental hygienists from across the country.


  • Network with as many people and groups as you can to help grow your career.
  • Join the Colgate Oral Health Advisor Program and the COHA Community Facebook group to gain access to patient education material, continuing education courses and product information.
  • Get involved with the ADHA and your local component to help you fulfill continuing education requirements and support the dental hygiene profession.

Why It's Important

Involvement in the dental hygienist community and networking with your peers will help you stay up-to-date with technology and practices in the dental field. Additionally, the connections you make may help you advance in your career and help you achieve your professional goals.

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