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  • Students & Faculty

    Find dental resources by region in the United States. Contact your Colgate Professional Education Manager for more information.
  • Dental Award Programs

    We believe in recognizing dental students and professionals for their great work and in promoting continuing dental education. Learn more about national and local award programs, here.
  • Community Outreach Resources | Colgate® Professional

    Colgate's flagship Community Outreach program aims to teach children around the world the basics of oral care. Visit the site to find more information.

Tools for Teaching

Enhance your curriculum with free seminars presented by experts.

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Midatlantic Professional Education Manager

Debbie Fleming, RDH, MS

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Pacific Professional Education Manager

Linda D’Amico, RDH, BS


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North Central Professional Education Manager

Tina Cunningham, RDH, BS Ed., MBA

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Northeast Professional Education Manager

Diane S. Peterson, RDH, M.Ed

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West Professional Education Manager

Marti Santizo, RDH, MBA

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Southwest Professional Education Manager

Annette Wolfe, RDH, BS

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South Professional Education Manager

Becky Horst, RDH, BA