Leaving a Positive Footprint

Date: September 01, 2021

Author: Mandy Dennis, RDH

Have you thought about the day-to-day waste we create?  I don’t believe we consciously choose to be wasteful, however the decisions we are making today affect tomorrow.

Every Drop Counts

Thinking about things such as recycling and saving water I often wonder how can I, as one person, make a difference? Does the extra water I’m using really change the situation that much? The answer is yes! Being part of a larger group allows us to think 'big picture.' Each person choosing to do their part creates a movement that influences what tomorrow will look like. Colgate’s Turn Off the Faucet campaign in 2016 helped us to see the difference in just turning off the faucet when we brush our teeth. Choosing to turn off the water saves approximately 64 cups of water every time we brush. The amount of water each of us save just by choosing not to run the water for an extra 5 minutes or so, every day, is a commitment. When we as professionals choose this in our home, and then share the information with our patients, we are promoting a world that conserves resources. Every drop of water counts. It counts in saving the lives of people around the world and sustaining our habitats.


The amount of waste we as societies create has resulted in massive landfills. These are leaving a footprint none of us wants to leave behind. Colgate’s commitment to reducing waste has resulted in new products and is a successful part of the 2020 strategy. There are some things we don’t have a choice in, so choosing to be proactive in the things we can make a choice in can have a huge impact. The new environmentally- friendly toothpaste tube is another way in which Colgate has taken action to reduce waste. Colgate was also able to become TRUE-certified, with 20 TRUE Zero Waste facilities in 10 countries, and is planning to be 100% compliant by 2025.

Looking Ahead

Colgate’s 2025 Sustainability and Social Impact Strategy speaks volumes. Key areas include driving social impact, helping millions of homes develop healthier habits and preserving the environment by reducing waste. The 2020 Strategy was impactful and successful and the 2025 Strategy is under way!


  • Working together we are saving water and changing lives of people around the world.
  • Making good choices in recyclable products will help to reduce the amount of waste building up in our landfills.
  • The 2025 Strategy is committed to preserving the environment, empowering individuals to adopt healthier habits.

Tomorrow is today's responsibility. We must all work together to help protect the world we all live in.








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