Eliminating the one size fits all: Introducing Colgate Professional Direct

Date: August 2020

Author: Mandy Dennis, RDH

Patients rely on professional recommendations from their dentist and dental hygienist. Many offices purchase products to have in the office to send home with patients. While many products are available in the store, some products including specialty products are not. Offices may purchase one type of toothbrush and a selection of toothpastes to have available for patients as samples. However, a particular toothbrush may not be the best recommendation for a given patient. Colgate Professional Direct lets dental professionals make recommendations based on each patient without having to carry excessive stock in the office.

Challenges of recommendations

Many patients expect to leave the dental office with a “goody bag.” Unfortunately, toothbrushes and toothpastes are not “one size fits all,” while having options of every possible recommended toothbrush is not practical or possible. This is a challenge every office faces when deciding which toothbrush and toothpastes to purchase for patients. Sending an item home with the patient has become a routine and expected outcome yet it may not be the best choice. We also take time to recommend specific products, only to discover later that the patient had difficulty finding the recommended product or had to go to several stores to find it. A slip of paper with hand-written recommendations can also result in patients never going to the store to purchase the product, and non-compliance.

What is Colgate Professional Direct

Colgate Professional Direct is a new resource designed to help dental professionals make the best recommendations for their patients, and an opportunity to overcome the challenges of written recommendations. This easy-to-use online portal is conveniently accessed by creating an account, and benefits the patient as well as the provider and the practice. Each recommendation is based purely on the needs of the patient and makes it easy for the dental hygienist to help patients get exactly what they need without them searching the shelves of their local grocer or drugstore. Colgate Professional Direct also eliminates the need to substitute an item should the recommended product be unavailable. The provider sends an email or text directly to the patient with the specific recommendations and the patient simply clicks on the product and orders it! The product is then delivered to their home without the patient ever needing to go to a store.

Making it convenient

Colgate has now given each dental professional the power to recommend the best product for their patient and the resources for patients to receive this at home. It has never been easier for a patient to receive the products specifically recommended for them! Dimensions of Dental Hygiene elaborates on the importance of patient-specific information. Making specific recommendations for patients helps comprehension and helps to drive home the importance of follow through.

Making it personal

In a time when many consumers have turned to online purchases, Colgate Professional Direct is a new resource that helps patients keep up with purchases and their use of the dental products specifically recommended for them. With proper communication, which includes listening to the patient and using relevant information, our patients will be more likely to be compliant and follow through with the recommendations made just for them. Patients will appreciate replacing the traditional way of doing things with personalized recommendations and a personal touch at the completion of a caring appointment.

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