Coming together again

Date: September 01, 2021

Author: Mandy Dennis, RDH

Are you excited? Excited to get back to in-person learning? Learning hands-on techniques we weren’t able to do virtually? 2021 now includes live conventions so we can resume our professional learning and again get the touch and feel approach prior to purchases. It is time to get back to life!

We’ve all missed conventions. We’ve missed the laughing together, learning together and the exhibit hall! The networks we develop at conventions isn’t something we have been able to do virtually. While grateful for the virtual learning that has been available, nothing compares to being with other professionals as we get together and share experiences.

The ADA is excited to hold its live convention in Las Vegas. With multiple ways to enjoy the conference, it is sure to bring a great time of learning. A virtual component continues to be available, however nothing is better than the actual 'being in the moment' of the convention itself. Similar considerations from the past continue to be thoughts now. Meetings may have a different look, and they appear to have a more organized approach than what we have seen in the past. While the number of people who can join together may have increased, the level of comfort in getting together may not be the same for everyone.

Things to Consider:

  • Get registered! The approach to registration is different. Some meetings are choosing not to have on-site registration. Knowing ahead of time how many people will attend helps to determine the size of the room, space for tables and chairs, etc.
  • Make a plan! What are you looking to get out of the meeting? What courses are being offered? Many courses haven’t been available through virtual learning. Lots of learning has hands-on opportunities!
  • Travel arrangements can be a big consideration. While it may seem more costly than a local meeting, the advantages of going to a large convention include variety and opportunities to visit with vendors, which may not be possible or fewer at smaller meetings.
  • Accommodations: Travel with a friend! Travelling with a colleague can save money when sharing hotel rooms. It’s also more fun when you are getting to travel together.
  • Exhibit Hall: What products have you read about? What are you wanting to see? Dental companies tend to offer convention specials! What types of products are you dying to touch!

As we’ve been separated, many things have changed. One of the things that hasn’t changed is our need to be together. We are moving into a better time. A time to be together again.

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