Why Your Patients Need a Next Generation Toothpaste

Date: September 2020

Author: Natalie Bradley

The toothpaste we recommend to our patients can help to address several oral health problems, as long as we recommend one that is formulated to address these issues. Patients want simple solutions to improve their oral health, and if we recommend a multi-benefit toothpaste this can help to empower patients to achieve Whole Mouth Health.

What Problems Can a Multi-benefit Toothpaste Address?

Whole Mouth Health includes the health of teeth, gums, and the soft tissues of the mouth. Maintaining an intact dentition can be affected by the toothpaste we use, and so we should be recommending a fluoride toothpaste which can help prevent dental caries and strengthen enamel. Colgate Total Toothpaste's unique formula contains a stannous fluoride-based formulation that is proven to help prevent dental caries, protect and strengthen weakened enamel. It can also be beneficial for patients who suffer from dentin hypersensitivity, providing relief by occluding the dentinal tubules. Ultimately, of course, weakened enamel and dental caries can lead to an increased need for dental interventions and restorative treatment, driving up expenses for care, can cause dental pain and in some situations the potential for tooth loss. Dental conditions can also impact aesthetics, and bring frustration for patients. It is imperative that we empower our patients with the knowledge and tools to prevent these issues before they become a problem. For teeth that already have restorations, preventing dental disease and conditions can help to maintain dental treatment results.

Colgate Total also provides superior reductions in plaque, gingivitis, calculus and halitosis. Patients at risk for periodontal disease need to ensure optimal plaque control, which a multi-benefit toothpaste can provide. The superior organoleptic properties of Colgate Total, i.e., its appealing flavor, can help to motivate patients to brush and improve compliance.

Maintaining Whole Mouth Health includes looking after function and aesthetics. Extrinsic dental staining or tooth loss can negatively impact aesthetics and a person's well-being. Dental pain and tooth loss can impact a patient's ability to eat and well-being. In addition, halitosis and dental stain can impact self-esteem. A multi-benefit toothpaste also provides effective removal of extrinsic stains and reduces halitosis.

Good oral hygiene is important from an oral and systemic health perspective, which patients may already be aware of. There is a proven two way relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes, which makes it important not only for patients with diabetes to control their glycemic levels well, but also to maintain good oral hygiene and oral health. Links for other systemic diseases and oral health, such as cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's Disease, have been found.

So what is the role of a Next Generation toothpaste?

Colgate Total is a next generation toothpaste with a full set of benefits for all the problems mentioned above. For patients who have specific oral health problems, variants that specifically address a given problem are also available, for example:

  • Colgate Total Fresh Breath neutralizes strong odors to help patients who have halitosis
  • Colgate Total Pro Gum Health is designed specifically for patients with gum problems
  • Colgate Total Professional Clean provides advanced cleaning for those who like the feeling of a professional dental clean at home.

Colgate Total is the Next Generation Toothpaste that provides a simple and holistic solution that you can recommend to your patients for them to easily implement in their daily oral care routine. Giving our patients the knowledge and tools which using this evidence based solution can offer empowers them to achieve Whole Mouth Health and ultimately will allow us as dental professionals to build trust with our patients.

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