How to empower patients for whole mouth health

Date: May 2021

Author: Natalie Bradley BDS Dip SCD MFDS RCSEd

We need to help ensure our patients keep all of their oral tissues health to keep the delicate balance of their mouths stable and to promote whole mouth health.

To prevent dysbiosis of the oral microbiome, patients should control their oral biofilm by keeping good oral health habits such as regular twice-daily toothbrushing and a healthy diet low in sugars as well as other fermentable carbohydrates. Keeping this balance, or oral symbiosis, helps to maintain good oral health and can help to prevent conditions such as gingivitis, caries, calculus build-up and halitosis (bad breath). A vital tool in the promotion of whole mouth health is using a suitable toothpaste.

Colgate Total 12 is a multi-benefit toothpaste with a proprietary Dual Zinc plus Arginine (DZA) formulation that provides superior protection not just to the teeth, but to the entire mouth. This helps fight the harmful micro-organisms on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums for up to 12 hours, thereby offering a complete oral care protection. This protection has been shown to be clinically effective for plaque control, gingivitis prevention, a reduction in calculus and the control of bad breath. This formulation offers a prolonged source of zinc ions, which have the antimicrobial actions of:

1. Reducing bacterial metabolic function

2. Reducing bacterial growth

3. Enhancing resistance of bacterial colonization on oral soft tissues

The zinc ions break down over time and offer continuous biofilm control. Coupling this with Arginine leads to enhanced deposition, penetration and retention of zinc within the bacterial biofilm and oral tissues which is superior to traditional toothpaste formulations.

By recommending a toothpaste that helps to prevent dysbiosis and resulting oral disease, we can help our patients have and maintain healthy and comfortable smiles.

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