DZA technology and the benefits for Whole Mouth Health

Date: June 2021

Author: Natalie Bradley BDS Dip SCD MFDS RCSEd

Many toothpaste formulations have been developed, most recently the exciting new formulation containing DZA. This technology helps patients achieve Whole Mouth Health by providing proactive protection to the whole mouth, and helps to prevent several common oral diseases and conditions.

What is DZA?

DZA technology contains dual zinc plus arginine. It binds to bacteria in dental biofilm and in saliva on hard and soft oral tissues. It then interferes with bacterial metabolism of nutrients, reducing nutrient uptake which reduces their growth and decreases their survival. Secondly, DZA forms a barrier that protects the tongue, teeth, cheeks and gums for up to 12 hours. This barrier helps to protect oral tissues from bacterial adhesion and regrowth.

The combination of zinc citrate and zinc oxide (dual zinc) and the amino acid L-arginine increases the bioavailability of zinc. As reported for in an vitro study using model oral tissue surfaces, this resulted in significant antimicrobial control against anaerobic biofilm. The antibacterial performance was enhanced because the zinc penetrated the biofilm more and its retention was higher, together resulting in greater reductions in bacterial metabolic activity.

In a randomized double-blind clinical study, a toothpaste containing DZA (0.96% dual zinc and 1.5% arginine together with 1450 ppm fluoride (sodium fluoride) provided significantly greater reductions in plaque and gingivitis at 3 and 6 months compared to a regular 1450 ppm fluoride (sodium fluoride) toothpaste. Toothpaste containing DZA technology have also been shown to offer greater reductions in the amount of oral bacteria on the teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums, as well as in saliva, compared to a regular fluoride toothpaste - therefore, promoting Whole Mouth Health. After twelve hours with 29 days of use, bacterial reductions over all areas of the mouth ranged from 29% to 41% compared to using a regular fluoride toothpaste. The bacterial reduction resulting from the use of DZA has also been shown to reduce halitosis. The pathogenic properties of Porphyromonas gingivalis, which has a strong association with chronic periodontitis, have also been shown to be moderated with use of an aqueous solution and toothpaste containing DZA.

Together, these attributes can help to do the following:

  • Prevent and reduce dental caries.
  • Reduce levels of dental plaque.
  • Reduce levels of gingivitis and gingival bleeding.
  • Reduce halitosis.
  • Reduce levels of calculus.
  • Protect enamel.

DZA technology is now available in Colgate Total, which should be used during twice-daily brushing as part of oral hygiene. In vitro and clinical studies have shown that using this toothpaste containing DZA technology helps to improve Whole Mouth Health.

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