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What Does a Dental Sales Rep Do?

Jan 26, 2018

Author: Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, CRDH, BASDH

Dental sales representatives stop by dental offices from time to time. Whether you have buying power or not, these dental sales representatives are a valuable resource for you. Sales representatives are knowledgeable about products that can help your office and your patients, and a gateway to learning and networking opportunities.

What Does a Dental Sales Rep Do?

Dental sales representatives are hired by a company to help promote certain products after proper training in a certain territory assigned to them. They help the company meet its goals and their personal goals. Dental sales representatives can provide information on products, place orders for clients, provide some customer service and obtain new clients to meet company and personal goals.

Office Education and Evaluation

Dental sales representatives can help your office grow and become more effective and efficient. Sales reps undergo special training, take CE courses and may be acquainted with many clinical environments, which makes them a great resource, DentistryIQ explains. They may offer lunch-and-learns and online webinars to help educate you and your team members. Certain sales reps can also look at the practice's workflow and assist in improving efficiency and profitability. They can help you stay on budget and get amazing product deals.


Dental sales representatives attend many CE courses and dental shows, so make the most out of your relationship. They can help introduce you to other sales representatives, dentists, dental hygienists and important dental leaders who can help you grow your career and knowledge.


Mentoring and reverse mentoring with a dental sales representative is a great way to learn valuable information. This relationship can open many doors and help you become a better clinician. Keep each other on your toes regarding the latest product topics and trends so that you both stay knowledgeable on the latest research, and can learn as much as possible along the way.


  • Dental sales reps promote products, help place orders, provide customer support and help your office meet goals.
  • Dental sales representatives are there to help you.
  • Networking and finding a dental sales representative mentor may help your career grow and help you become a more knowledgeable clinician.

Why It's Important

Dental sales representatives are there to help you and your patients. It's important to understand that your dental sales representatives are more than salespeople: They are also a wealth of knowledge. Approach them with questions and see how they can help you grow as a clinician.

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