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Reduce treatment

interruptions due

to sensitivity pain

Patented Arginine technology in a tube

One Minute Action Anywhere Anytime

Provides sensitivity relief in 1 minute*

Effective Result Of Use Anywhere Anytime

Exclusive Pro-Argin technology with Arginine and Calcium Carbonate quickly seals pathways to tooth nerves

Best Experience Of Use Anywhere Anytime
Better experience

Rapid relief alleviates pain and discomfort for a better patient experience, in your chair and on the go

Change how patients feel about sensitivity in your chair,

and give the same tube for relief at home

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In-office                                                          At-home

Packets of Colgate® Anywhere, Anytime®

To treat sensitivity, Anywhere, Anytime® does not create splatter or aerosolization


One package contains 24 individual tubes. Available exclusively through dental practices.