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Patient compliance and whitening

Date: June 2022

Author: Natalie Bradley

Good oral hygiene is the foundation of a healthy smile. For many patients, a healthy smile is all about aesthetics. Motivation of individual patients can vary, but for many the importance of a white bright smile can be the factor that improves compliance with oral hygiene measures. 

There can be many different reasons for a change in tooth shade. Some are pathological, such as tetracycline staining or a non-vital tooth. Others are non-pathological, such as lifestyle habits or age-related darkening due to the deposition of secondary dentin. In many cases, tooth whitening can help to lighten the patient’s teeth and may even boost their wellbeing and oral health. 

Studies have shown that tooth bleaching is associated with statistically significant short- and longer-term reductions in plaque and gingival indices. This is thought to be due to the influence of bleaching on micro-organisms and plaque formation on the enamel surface. It may also be due in part to the fact that whitening is shown to encourage people to maintain better oral hygiene

By capitalizing on the patient’s desire to achieve and maintain a bright, white smile, clinicians can also promote positive oral hygiene habits and better oral health outcomes. One product that can help is the all-new Colgate Optic White Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit (sold as Colgate Optic White Light Up in Australia). 

This unique whitening kit combines a gentle but effective hydrogen peroxide formula with amplifying LED technology to deliver dramatic whitening results at home in just five days. The whitening serum is applied with a precise applicator pen and dries quickly to a thin film, keeping mess to a minimum. The patient then wears the LED device over the teeth for just ten minutes, after which the whitening serum continues to work on the teeth overnight. The kit contains enough serum for four complete cycles, allowing your patient to top up their whitening all year round. 

Gingival irritation and sensitivity are common side effects of tooth whitening, often discouraging people from using whitening products. However, the Colgate Optic White Professional Take-Home Kit is designed with this in mind. The LED device uses a gentle current, rather than heat, to activate the whitening serum and reduce the risk of sensitivity. Meanwhile, the quick-drying action of the serum and the precision of the applicator pen help to keep gingival contact to a minimum. 

Demand for whitening solutions is high, so being able to offer a convenient and efficient solution for improving the shade of a patient’s smile is important. Even more important, though, is the opportunity to improve the patient’s oral health as a whole. Tooth whitening treatment can be the motivation your patient needs to start looking after their smiles, keeping them bright, white, and healthy for life.

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