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Take the guesswork out of whitening

Date: February 2022

Author: Louise Sinclair

According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, tooth color is the biggest source of smile dissatisfaction. With more people than ever looking to brighten their smile, Colgate has partnered with software innovators 3Shape to help dentists deliver a personalized whitening experience with exceptional results. Read on to learn more.

High-impact whitening technology for at-home whitening

Since its launch, the Colgate Optic White Professional take-home whitening kit (sold as Colgate Optic White Light Up in Australia and New Zealand) has been leading the way in high-impact home whitening and has been shown to provide dramatic results in just five days.

Not only is Colgate Optic White Professional fast and effective, it’s also specially formulated to combat the most common side effects of whitening: tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation. This innovative method comprises precise application of a patented 6% hydrogen peroxide quick-drying serum using a mess-free applicator pen. The serum dries to a thin film and the patient then wears a patented short-wavelength LED device for just 10 minutes, after which the thin film continues to work while the patient sleeps. The thin film is removed the following morning during regular tooth brushing. This system is designed for no sensitivity or gingival irritation.

The Colgate Illuminator

Patients will often ask what kind of results they can expect. We can help patients envision the result using before and after images and computer simulation, while making sure patients understand that results vary by individual. The Colgate Illuminator is another option. This works for users of TRIOS3 or TRIOS4 scanners. It consists of an innovative predictive software tool that shows patients what whitening results they can achieve with Colgate Optic White Professional.

If you have the TRUIS3 or TRIOS4 scanner, you can access the software right in your office by logging into 3Shape’s Unite digital dentistry platform. Simply upload a photo of the patient’s teeth and some key information, and the app’s proprietary, evidence-based algorithm does the rest. Within seconds, your patient will see personalized, interactive “before and after'' photos showing them their full smile potential.

What it means for you and your patients

Demand for a whiter smile is huge, with 81.8% of participants in one survey reporting the wish to undergo whitening treatment. However, we know that patients can be apprehensive about the treatment process and wonder about the potential results.

Until now, dentists have relied on shade guides and estimates to provide an idea of whitening results. Colgate Illuminator allows you to paint a clear, accurate picture of the results your patient can actually expect. Seeing the future vision of their white smile may increase their motivation and encourage patients to say yes to whitening.

With Colgate Optic White Professional patients can rest assured that they’re saying yes to a product formulated with their safety and comfort as a priority.

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