Introducing the NEW Colgate Professional Mobile Website

A new mobile website for different Dental Professional needs.

We realized that a dental professional had 2 very different need states when using their smart phones during the course of their day. When they’re with a patient, and when they’re on their own. That’s why our mobile site offers 2 different experiences.

Under “Patient Education”, Dental Professionals (DPs) can find information they can share with patients about dental conditions, treatments, home care, and Colgate products. These sections also include valuable “teaching” information, and many new educational videos that can be used chairside with a patient, or sent to them later.

Under the “Professional Content” section, there are links to CE courses, product information that includes mode of action, ingredients and proof of efficacy.

This intuitive navigation and fulfillment of a DP’s needs is groundbreaking! No other oral care company has attempted this to date.

Visit the website now at on your smartphone or tablet. The full desktop version of the website is always available through a link in the footer of the site, if needed.