Pediatric Patients


Use the materials here as a supplement to help teach good oral health habits to your younger patients. In this section, you will find resources to give to parents
and fun activities to educate kids on making good decisions for their teeth and gums.


  • Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Printable Activities

    A variety of printable materials that include fun activities to entertain pediatric patients, while teaching them the value of good oral health habits. Each piece includes an educational activity, as well as a toothbrushing log that kids can complete at home.

    Brush with the Animals    Download the PDF

    Find Dr. Rabbits and the Plaque Monster    Download the PDF

    Toothbrush Patch    Download the PDF

    Dr. Rabbit's Dental Bag    Download the PDF

    Tooth Fairy Counting Activity    Download the PDF

    Super Dentist    Download the PDF

    Find the Rhymes    Download the PDF

    Parent Take-Home Brochure    Download the PDF

    Parent Take-Home Foldable    Download the PDF

    Parent Take-Home Pages    Download the PDF

    Seven-Step Patient Poster    Download the PDF

    Brush Poster & Children Activity Sheet    Download the PDF

    Brush Better Poster    Download the PDF

    Brush, Floss, Rinse Better Patient Poster    Download the PDF

    Children's Report Card    Download the PDF

    Children's Report Card Sticker    Download the PDF

    Color the Defender    Download the PDF

    Parent Brochure    Download the PDF

    Dr. Rabbit's Mini Wall-Poster

    Print out this poster in color to hang on the wall, or get the black-and-white version so kids can color it in. Both versions have helpful tips to help kids learn proper brushing techniques.

    Black-and-white version    Download the PDF

    Color version    Download the PDF

  • Caries Risk Assessment

    Use these American Dental Association forms to discuss factors associated with caries risk as well as help patients keep track of their improvement over time and follow your at-home recommendations.

    For Patients Under 6    Download the PDF

    For Patients 6 and Up    Download the PDF

  • Dental Emergency Chart

    Help kids play safely and protect their teeth. This document can help parents recognize dental emergencies in their children and learn what action to take.

    Download the PDF

    The Surgeon General's Seven Steps to a Bright Smile

    Teach your pediatric patients these easy but important steps from the Surgeon General to help them learn how to keep healthy smiles for life.

    Download the PDF

  • Will You Brush With Me? Storybook

    Your pediatric patients will be well on their way to healthy habits at home with this colorful story book.

    Download the PDF

    Will You Brush With Me? Storybook - Spanish Edition

    Your pediatric patients will be well on their way to healthy habits at home with this colorful story book.

    Download the PDF

    Colgate Kids Checklist

    Here's a checklist that you can give to your young patients to make sure they aren't missing any steps when brushing their teeth. Also try showing them this fun No More Nasties video to get started.

    Download the PDF

    My Bright Smile Storybook

    Here's a way to show your pediatric patients that taking care of their teeth isn't just the right thing to do—it can also be fun! Reading them this short storybook is a great way to get them interested and engaged in their own oral health while also teaching them ways to avoid cavities.

    Download the PDF

    How to Brush and Floss

    These guides contain easy instructions for younger patients to reinforce proper brushing and flossing techniques. You can use these as chair-side aids and then send them home with patients as 
    a reminder.

    How to Brush     Download the PDF

    How to Brush and Floss    Download the PDF

    Kids Recommendation Pad

    Use this form when sharing helpful tips on proper at-home care and making personalized recommendations of Colgate products for your patients based on their individual oral health needs.

    Download the PDF