Adult Patients


Find materials for use as chair-side aids and at home to help reinforce your recommendations and improve the oral health of your patients. 
In this section, you can find materials on a wide range of topics, from sensitivity to gum disease and more.


  • Caries Risk Assessment

    Use this American Dental Association form to discuss risk factors associated with caries. You can also use it to help patients keep track of their improvement over time and follow your at-home recommendations for improving their oral health.

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    Dental Caries Chair-side Aid

    This aid is intended to help you when discussing dental caries prevention with your patients. It may help when taking patients through the risk factors and ways to prevent and treat dental caries, as well as provide information on Colgate products that may be able to help.

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  • Adult Recommendation Pad

    Use this form when making personalized recommendations of Colgate products for your patients based on their individual oral health needs.

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    Adult Recommendation Pad - Spanish

    A simple sheet to help your patients track their progress and comply with your oral care recommendations – now available in Spanish!

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    Tips for Optimal Oral Health

    Maintaining good oral health doesn't have to be overwhelming. Give your patients this list of quick tips to remind them of at-home, oral health habits.

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  • Diabetes and Gum Disease Patient Education Brochure

    Patients with Diabetes may not realize that they are 2x more likely to develop gum disease. Download this informational brochure for these special patients.

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    Recognizing the Signs Patient Education Brochure

    Patients often do not recognize the signs of gingivitis. Use this patient education brochure to help them recognize if they are at risk and help support your Colgate Total recommendation to help them fight gingivitis.

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    Diabetes and Oral Health Survey Fact Sheets

    Patients with diabetes are 2X more likely to develop gum disease; however, many don't know it! Check out the overall results of the Diabetes and Oral Health survey, as well as specific results among African-American and Hispanic patients, which may be helpful when discussing the importance of good oral health with your patients with diabetes.

    Survey Results Among Hispanic Patients    Download the PDF

    Survey Fact Sheet    Download the PDF

    Survey Results Among African-American Patients    Download the PDF

    Gum Disease Prevention

    Use this brochure to help teach your patients about the prevalence of gum disease and how Colgate Total® and some preventative measures may help them avoid gum disease.

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  • Classification of Erosive Damage

    This may help you determine the degree of your patients' enamel erosion and educate them on the various contributing factors, as well as the proper oral health regimen to help prevent this condition.

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