Colgate® Wave™ Toothbrush

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Product #Description
731022Colgate® Wave™ Soft Ultra Compact Head
731061Colgate® Wave™ Soft Compact Head
731023Imprinted Colgate® Wave™ Soft Ultra Compact Head
731018Imprinted Colgate® Wave™ Soft Compact Head
731020Colgate® Wave™ Sensitive
731021Imprinted Colgate® Wave™ Sensitive

All styles of Colgate Total® Professional Toothbrushes are available in a variety of colors.

Oral Health Focus

An Overview of the Oral Health and Systemic Health Association
A growing body of evidence suggests that the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums is important not only to the overall health of the mouth, but may also be integral to the overall health of the body.
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