Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief® Desensitizing Paste

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Product indication:

For use on patients with dentin hypersensitivity. Can be used before or after dental procedures such as prophylaxis or scaling.

Product benefits:

Delivers instant1 and lasting2 relief for 4 weeks from dentin hypersensitivity after one application.

Mode of action:

The Pro-Argin™ Technology helps plug and seals exposed dentin tubules.

Recommended dosage and usage:

Use only as directed.

Reference: 1. Schiff T et al. Am J Dent. 2009;22(Spec Iss A):8A-15A.

Important Safety Information: Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief® is a desensitizing paste that should only be administered by individuals professionally trained to perform dental prophylaxis. It may cause eye irritation upon contact and is contraindicated in patients with a known allergy to any of the components. See Information Tab for Full Prescribing Information.