Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Plus (Rx only)

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Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Plus (Rx only)

PreviDent® 5000 Plus (1.1% Sodium Fluoride) Prescription Toothpaste
(Rx only)

Better compliance for better results

Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Plus (Rx) is a prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste that can deliver 5000 ppm fluoride. It combines the cleaning power of a toothpaste with prescription-strength fluoride for dental caries protection.

Product Characteristics

Product Benefits

Prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste
One-step procedure, better patient compliance
Significant remineralization of root caries in just 3 months (38%) and 6 months (57%)1
Therapeutic decay prevention safe for exposed root surfaces
Great-tasting spearmint and Fruitastic**™

For complete prescribing information, refer to the Information tab.

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**In the U.S., Fruitastic is a licensed trademark of National Fruit Products Co., Inc.